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Artisan Craft Workshops

2-Day Charcuterie Workshop - November 22-23, 2016, Charlottetown
Michael McKenzie, owner of Seed to Sausage, will share his award winning Charcuterie techniques and knowledge at BioFoodTech, 101 Belvedere Avenue, Charlottetown. This workshop will provide participants with practical and technical knowledge to create small-scale artisan cured products. Topics include ingredients and ratios, proper processing techniques, equipment, and principles of fermenting, curing and dry-aging meats. Participants will also enjoy hands-on practice in the pilot plant - making and testing various sausages and fermented meats, while learning how to manage microbial risks to create quality products that meet food safety and provincial regulations. See the Registration brochure

Future Workshops:
BioFoodTech is planning to host a number of artisan craft workshops in 2016/17. These include:

  • Beverage Fermentation (2 days): Fermentation topics will cover principles of fermenting cider, beer, mead, and wine, along with regulatory information and hands-on experience making fermented products. 
  • Charcuterie (2 days): learn the art and science behind this traditional fermentation and curing process, along with in-depth food safety information and process controls needed.
  • Vinegar (2 days): topics will cover various raw materials, bacteria, testing, aging and will use BioFoodTech's vinegar machine which expedites the process to less than one week.
  • Introduction to Cheesemaking (2-3 days): covering basic aspects of soft and ripened cheeses, starters and cultures. Hands on cheesemaking in the pilot plant with industrial equipment and moulds.

Please send your name to Joy Shinn at or call 902-368-5146 if interested in further information on these, or other previous workshops.

Past Workshops:

Artisan Craft Distilling Workshop (5 days)
Bitters and Shrub Workshop (1 day)
Wild Fermentation - Pickles & Kombucha Workshop (1 day)
Advanced Cheesemaking (2 days)
Beverage Fermentation Workshop (2 days)
Distillation Workshop (3 days)