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Database of Atlantic Canada Resources Searchable for Expertise, Equipment and Services

Atlantic Canada “Asset Map” features searchable Database for food and bio-products industry.
Atlantic Canada has a significant range of scientific and technical expertise located in food and bio-product technology centres, universities and government organizations, such as NRC.  To help industry link to these resources, Prince Edward Island’s BIO|FOOD|TECH has compiled a comprehensive database of expertise and equipment. This will help regional companies find specific technologies and research, food processing equipment and facilities to fulfill innovation and commercialization needs. The database is a free service and is available to industry through FOODTECH Canada’s website (  under “Find”).
The database has three searchable areas: Expertise, Equipment and Services. Expertise covers a broad range of technical and research specializations, such as thermal processing and extrusion, as well as commodity specific expertise, such as seafood or meat processing. Equipment describes pilot and commercial scale equipment available for development or scale-up of new products, as well as lab testing equipment. Services describe assistance available across the country, such as industrial research, process optimization, technology transfer, training, regulatory support, etc. Some pilot plant facilities are listed within Services, including specialized facilities to manufacture foods under HACCP, organic, or kosher labels.  Access to these facilities allows industry to gain market entry and test market products nationally and internationally, before making significant investments in capital. In some Centres, industry can rent commercial facilities for long term production, prior to building their own infrastructure.
According to Jim Smith, Executive Director of BIO|FOOD|TECH, “This database is one of the most comprehensive directories available to the industry” adding that “this database provides industry with an awareness of services, expertise and equipment that is available regionally. This allows companies to connect to information and services needed to support their commercialization activities, regardless of where they are located.”
Twelve organizations have been added to the FOODTECH Canada website under “Resources/Atlantic Canada Science & Technology Organizations” and are in the process of adding their resources to the expanding database. Check back often to find specific support, or use the contact information at any of the organizations to locate services.
For more information contact: Jim Smith, Executive Director, BIO|FOOD|TECH, (902) 368-5548 or